Helping you to take the 1st Step towards 11th Step Meditation!

What Happened

Hi, my name is Randy and I’m an alcoholic.

I have discovered the great benefits of working the steps in while I learned to grow a practice of meditation. I did this during own struggles to achieve sobriety, and, serenity within sobriety. It is my hope that this will help others to identify with my message, and allow me to reach out and help teach the beginning concepts and practice of meditation.

The SpiritStep approach was developed by teaching of 12 Step meditation workshops in our local jail, hospital and recovery homes. We can teach people in recovery, and all 12 Step related groups, how to meditate using the language and concepts of recovery.

The SpiritStep One CD is also an effective tool for 11th Step Meetings and for recovery counselors to use in groups to help introduce a spiritual practice of meditation early in sobriety.

It is our hope to offer this first SpiritStep lesson on CD for members of all 12 step recovery programs and organizations. This is a tool for the recovery community:

  • New members to recovery, or just new to meditation in your recovery
  • Residents of recovery homes and hospital facilities
  • 11th Step Meetings

We hope to help bring an inner journey of sobriety through meditation to a larger audience.

This is our 12th step mission. Please let us know how we can support you on this inner journey!

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