Helping you to take the 1st Step towards 11th Step Meditation!

SpiritStep Two CD

SpiritStep Two: Let Go and Let Love

Helping you to take the 2nd Step towards 11th Step Meditation!

Learn how to Let Go and Let Love to help restore yourself to sanity, discover inner connections to your Higher Power and grow your relationship with Higher Power through meditation

This 2nd CD of the SpiritStep series offers a discussion of 2nd Step concepts and practices SpiritStep Two CD Let Go and Let Loveabout learning to meditate:

Step Two is “Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

Let’s look at the meditation aspect of Step Two in three sections:

First“Restore me to sanity” – what is the insanity that I am recovering from?  How will meditation help restore me to sanity?

Next – “A Power greater than Ourselves” – In recovery we learn that we are powerless.  I need some power, some source to help my healing journey.  In meditation, we can discover our inner connections to and tap into this Higher Power effectively with greater understanding and practice this connection through meditation.

And finally“Came to believe” – The first phrase of Step Two symbolizes the beginning of a journey, a discovery of our relationship with ourselves and the rest of the world.  Learn how we grow our relationships through practice in meditation?

Easy to learn Step Two meditation techniques that help overcome this inner unmanageable part of ourselves, connect to our Higher Power and discover our Inner Sacred Space.

Two guided meditations along with serene piano music that you can work with develop the SpiritStep Two meditation concepts and techniques to build a foundation for your 11th Step practice.

Whether you are a newcomer, an old timer, in-between or associated with other 12 Step programs this will be a wonderful addition to your program and spiritual life.

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