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SpiritStep One CD

The 1st Step in 11th Step Meditation – SpiritStep One Beginning Meditation

Try it now – begin practicing meditation in your home, share it with your 11th Step Meeting group, or other recovery groups you belong to.  SpiritStep One - The 1st Step in 11th Step Meditation

Relax, observe and let go of unmanageable thoughts, emotions, and physical habits with meditation. Take the 1st Step in 11th Step  Meditation.

This first CD of the series offers:

  • A discussion of 1st Step concepts and practices about learning to meditate – seeing how a source of our troubles are unmanageable thought and emotions
  • Easy to learn beginning meditation techniques that help overcome this inner unmanageable part of ourselves
  • 2 guided meditations along with serene piano music that you can work with to build a foundation for your 11th Step practice
  • Ideas on how to practice these skills throughout the day

The 1st Step of Alcoholics Anonymous states that “we are powerless over alcohol and that our lives had become unmanageable.”

The 1st Step in learning meditation is “we are powerless over our thoughts and emotions and that they are unmanageable.”  An 11th Step Meditation practice walks us through learning how to see ourselves in a spiritual light and how to overcome our past ways of living to “walk in the Sunlight of the Spirit.”

Whether you are a newcomer, an old timer, in-between or associated with other 12 Step programs this will be a wonderful addition to your program and spiritual life.

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